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80W Sloar street light

80W Sloar street light

Products Code: TLD-Solar Street Light 80W

Products Class: 20W-80W

Product Description: 80W Sloar street light,Customized solar street lamp80W

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Main Parameters:

? Solar Panel Power: 165W

? LED QTY: 80 x 1W(multi-chip)

? Total Power: 82 ± 2W

? Battery Capacity: 25.6V ?30AH

? Recommended Installation Height: 7 ~ 8m

? Recommended Installation Interval: 25 ~ 30m

? LED Efficiency: >100 lm/W

? Initial LED Lumen: >9200 lm

? LED Work Voltage: 30 ~ 34V

? Related Color Temperature (CCT):

Cool White: 6000-7000K, Pure White: 4500 – 5500K, Warm White: 3000 – 4000K

? TLD define the exact range as: 3500±200K, 4000±250K, 4500±250K, 5000±300K, ?5700±350K, 6500±500K

? Color Rendering Index (CRI): CW/PW: Ra≥80; WW: Ra≥70

? Average Beam Angle: 80°*140°, 60°*120°

? Distribution of the Light: Bat wing design for light distribution

? The Curve of Light Distribution: symmetric expression/ rectangle spot

? Protected Grade: IP66

? Working Temperature: -40 oC ~ 50 oC

? Working Humidity: -10 ~ 90%RH

? Storage Temperature: -25 oC ~ 65 oC

? Material for Body: 6063 high heat dissipation tensile aluminum + rotatable bat wing design light distribution lens + super strength tempered glass solar panel

? Color for Casing: regular silvery oxide gray, other colors customized.

? LED Lifespan: > 50,000 hours

? Net Weight (NW): 39kg

? Pole Mounting Aperture: 60mm


Main Road, Sidewalk, Square, School, Park, Garden, Factory, Residential Places, Villa and many other projector lighting places. Moreover, Mountainous Area, Remote Areas without city electricity supply, Temporary Relief Area. All of the above where there is sunshine.

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