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Guangdong Government Strives to Popularize LED Lighting

Course: Shenzhen Tenglongda Optoelectronics Co., LtdPopularity: 3842Time: 2016-03-22smb

Officials of the Guangdong Provincial Government stated that they are working towards the goal that by 2015, LED lighting will make up 30% of the interior lighting in Guangdong.

Street lighting is the breaking point for the government to popularize LED lighting: in the next two years, there will be over 600 thousand LED street lamps lightening up the night sky of the Pearl River Delta. The government will implement the LED plan starting in 2012 and aims to increase the penetration rate of LED in interior lighting to 30% by 2015.

At the moment, there are 200 thousand LED street lamps in Guangdong. The Science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province indicated that they will first subsidize enterprises for their LED lighting adoption, and then phase in LED lighting among citizens. In addition, the Science and Technology Department has been considering subsidizing investment institutions and supplying households with free LED lights in order to further popularize LED lighting.

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