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What’s the main advantages of high power LED streetlight?

Course: Shenzhen Tenglongda Optoelectronics Co., LtdPopularity: 4328Time: 2016-03-22smb

High power LED streetlight is the replacement of the high pressure sodium lamp. Details are as below:

Single phototropism. The feature of LED streetlight pole is single phototropism of light, there is no diffusion of light to ensure light efficiency.

High lighting effect. Twice optical design is unique design of LED streetlight, it remove the light to where needed, improve light efficiency. Currently, LED light efficiency is 100lm/w, and there are much more forward space, say 200lm/w in theory. While luminous efficiency of HPSL is increasing with power consumption, so the total efficiency of LED streetlight is stronger than HPSL’s.

High CRI. The CRI of LED streetlight is much higher than HPSL, CRI of HPSL is around 23, while LED’s is more than 70. From the vision mentality consider, illuminance of LED streetlight lower 20% than HPSL(Take UK Roadway Lighting Standard as reference) .

Lumens depreciation. Decay of LED streetlight is less than 3%, which meet the requirement of roadway lighting standard, while decay of HPSL is more than 30% after one year.

Energy saving. There is automatic control saver, it can meet different illumination requirement for different phase, saving energy hugely.

Safety. LED is low voltage device, safe voltage to drive single LED, single series is 1 watt LED, so it's safer than using high power driver, especially suit for public place.

Easy maintenance. The volume of every LED units, it can form many different shape and be appropriate for changeful environment.

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