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LED Common Knowledge

Course: Shenzhen Tenglongda Optoelectronics Co., LtdPopularity: 4304Time: 2016-03-18smb

Q: What is an LED? A: A light emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor device that emits visible light when electrical current passes through it, it is a special kind of diode. Q: What colour of light can an LED emit? A: Most LEDs are monochromatic. Light colour is associated with the light wavelength. LEDs made with different semiconductor materials emit light in different wavelengths. LED light wavelengths range from 400 nanometres (blue) to 800 nanometres (red). The colours of LEDs in the market are red, orange, amber, yellow, green, blue and white and off white. LEDs are also classed into specific colour temperature groups which include 2700k, 3900k, 5500k and 7000k. (Kelvin). Q: Can LEDs be used to replace conventional incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs? A: Using SEER LED encapsulated LED’s yes. Encapsulated LED technology has allowed LED’s to emit light to an equivalent of incandescent and fluorescent light tubes and bulbs while still maintaining the original LED efficiency. Encapsulated LED’s package many individual LED’s into one neat unit which is the equivalent in many cases of hundreds of individual LED’s. Not only can an LED replace traditional lighting it exceeds it. Q: What are the advantages of LEDs compared with conventional incandescent lights? A: There are several obvious advantages LEDs have over traditional incandescent light bulbs, they are as follows: · Low power consumption - energy saving up to 70% over standard lighting · Last for many more years · Cold lighting · Ruggedness, strength & durability · Small size and weight · Instant on/off switch times · Environmentally friendly, simple to use Q: How long does an LED last compared with traditional lighting? A: Encapsulated LED’s will last 50,000hrs plus. As there is minimal heat generated compared with traditional lighting options an LED will last much longer. If you were to use your SEER LED light for 12hrs per day/7days a week you would get over 10 years usage. Q: Does SEER LED warranty its products? A: Yes. SEER LED warranties its products for 2 years from the date of purchase. Try to find a conventional lighting manufacturer that will offer that. Q: Are LEDs SOLAR compatible? A: LEDs can be powered by either AC voltage or DC voltage. The circuit that is required to drive LEDs is much simpler than what is used for standard lighting solutions. In fact SEER LED can provide a high powered light that will run off a solar system much easier than any other lighting manufacturers products
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